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Deep Plate Mold

Size: 10.75" diam x 1.5"H

Plaster mold to make pottery plates, platters, pasta bowls. Mold in upright position

  • Plaster mold to make pottery plates, platters, pasta bowls. Mold in upright position
  • Hump mold in plaster to make plates, platters, pasta bowls. Mold is shown inverted.
  • Hand-made deep wide plate sample made using white stoneware with underglazes applied on greenware after removing from plaster mold; Clay state: greenware

Price: $26.00

Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

Make deeper pottery plates, serving platters, pasta bowls and more with this plaster hump mold. Slightly wider than our regular plate mold and twice as tall, use this deeper plaster hump mold when you want more depth to your pottery plates, or to hand-build wide shallow bowls. Add texture to the interior surface before draping the clay, and work on the exterior design as your pottery piece firms up or after removing from mold - for example, adding handles; This plate's deeper shape provides excellent inner surface area for sgraffito designs or photo transfer.

Deep Plate Mold Specifications

This plaster mold's dimensions are: 10.75" diameter x 1.5" height. All our hump molds are made of pottery plaster and are designed to be used with clay, including earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.

Sizes of molds are in inches; Prices are in US Dollars. Cost of shipping is based on packaged weight. This mold weighs 6 pounds.

Made in the USA.

Sample pottery, when shown, is an example of pottery made with the mold. The price shown is for the plaster mold only.