Pottery Tools

If you're new to pottery making, you'll find many essential tools here along with usage tips. And, if you've been doing ceramics for a while, check out new versions of old favorites.


Indispensible for both handbuilding and wheel throwing, in a variety of materials: wood, metal, rubber, and polymer ribs. [View Pottery Ribs...]

Metal Tools

From the venerable fettling knife to an incredible scoring tool and the multitasking rasp, find several invaluable metals for your pottery collection! [View Pottery Metal Tools...]

Wood Tools

Must-haves for smoothing, carving, shaping, compressing, good wood tools are fundamental to every tool box! [View Pottery Wood Tools...]

Bats and Banding Wheels

Bats today are improved, coming in more sizes and shapes. Check out the new square bat, an amazing space saver. [View Pottery Bats...]

Sponges & Chamois

Good sponges are handy at every stage of pottery making, and here's a helpful set, including the telescoping sponge. [View Sponges...]

Lid & Calipers

Make lids that fit well with these calipers! [View Calipers and Lid Tips...]