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Sponges and Chamois

Stainless Steel, Rubber Handle Telescoping Sponge, by Xiem

Ever made your own sponge on a stick? And then have it backfire, like the sponge falls off at the bottom of your necked in vase (right, now what?). Yes, many of us have been there.

These tool makers have done it right: it telescopes up to 23 inches, and it supports replacement sponges. In short, if you want to garner a little envy and buzz in the studio, get this useful telescoping sponge.

Kemper Sponge Holder (14 inches)

It's a fact: keep excess water in the bottom of your just thrown pot, and chances are high that the bottom will crack at some stage, usually when you unveil from plastic to trim. Also a fact, trying to get your hand and a sponge into certain tall shapes isn't easy!

To the rescue - this Kemper elongated sponge tool, which helps easily get water out from the bottom of tall wheel thrown forms, without catching and cutting. And, since this tools has special hardware to attach the sponge, you can replace with a sponge of your choice. Sweet!

Shammies (a.k.a. Chamois)

Soft and supple, this chamois is a dream to work with on the wheel: dip in your slip bucket or water, and fold it over your rim to compress and smooth. Plus, starting from the outside inward, smooth plates and bowls, and more.

Assorted Sponge Package

A complete set of pottery sponges, for a wide variety of pottery tasks, from smoothing and absorbing to glazing and cleanup.

The classic synthetic round yellow one has so many clay uses, including making an excellent throwing companion, facilitating pulling up the walls: saturate with water, but not too much, and keep it on the outside of the pot as you pull up, dispensing water as needed.

Elephant Ear Sponges

Highly absorbent and finely grained, elephant ear sponges are excellent for finishing pottery. They're also great to throw with, especially to help bring up thick walls on large pieces. Your fingers will thank you.