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Pottery Bats, Banding Wheels

Bats keeps getting better - sturdier to better secure your pieces, less warping, and materials that don't disintegrate. Good on the wheel, great for hand building on, here are some bats worth having. Plus check out a durable banding wheel for your home studio!

Speedball 7 1/2 Inch Pottery Wheel Bat Square

It just doesn't seem possible that a small square bat could easily fit on a round wheel using regular bat pins. But they do! And these are superb, sturdy bats, which maximize shelf storage space, Yes, ma'am (and sir) that means more space for more pots.

Whether you handbuild or throw, give the square bat a try and you may never go round again (unless you're buiding big)!

Speedball B12 12" Round Universal Pottery Wheel Bat

Here we have the classic round bat. But there's something different in Speedball's construction. Like its square counterpart (shown above), it's made of injection molded plastic, which Speedball says do not warp and the holes do not enlarge. Having used these bats for over a year - in a studio envrionment - we've found this to be absolutely the case.

If you've dealt with warped bats and enlarged bat holes, you know they making wheel throwing challenging, regardless of your skill level. Centering on a warped bat - what a headache (it's seems akin to throwing drunk); Enlarged bat holes - growl: sure makes you want a drink!

Focus on throwing beautiful pottery, not battling your bat, and try these Speedball Bats!

Banding Wheel (Heavy Duty, All Metal, US Art Supply® 7" Diameter)

If you do clay at home, consider a banding wheel. Mighty helpful when glazing, decorating, coiling, sculpting, and more. And, if you get a good heavy duty metal one, there's a good chance you'll have it for the life of your studio. And who will know if you use it to decorate a cake (we won't tell).

Speaking of using clay tools in the kitchen, take the poll: Ever use your clay rolling pin when making a pie crust?