Pottery Kiln Firing Fee Calculator

Calculate kiln firing fees based on a pottery piece's dimensions, cost per cubic or square inch, and any fixed costs.

If piece is round (e.g. bowl, mug), enter same for width

Fee per cubic or square inch (eg. for 5 cents, enter .05) - more info below

Enter fixed fee for handles and other flat fee items

This firing fee calculator is helpful if you do pottery in a studio environment where you pay to fire each piece, and/or if you're a studio assistant responsible for measuring others' pottery. Sometimes it's a hard decision: keep the piece or put it into the clay recycling bin. Knowing how much it will cost to kiln can sometimes, very easily, decide this. So if you have a hunch it's not a keeper, calculate how much it will set you back, and you'll likely have your answer!

Entering Pottery Dimensions

Enter the piece's dimension. If your studio charges by the cubic inch, enter the height, width, and depth. If your piece is round, enter the diameter into both the width and the depth fields, along with the height.

If your studio charges by the square inch, enter the height, and width. Studios will generally measure using the height and whichever is larger - width or depth, so enter the larger of the two into the depth field.

Entering Pottery Dimensions

Fee Per Space - This field is used to enter how much you are charged per cubic inch/cm or per square inch/cm. If your studio charges 3 cents per cubic inch, enter .03. If it charges 4 cents per square inch, enter .04, etc.

Tips to keep costs down

Cyclinders, from vases, to mugs, to slab boxes, will always be more cost effective than wide bowls! For example, if your studio charts 0.04 (4 cents) per cubic inch to fire, a 10" tall cylinder that is 4" deep and 4" wide will cost $6.40 to fire, whereas a bowl that is 10" in diameter and 4" tall will cost $16 dollars - nearly 3 times the price!