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Wood Pottery Tools, Rolling Pins, Design Clay Tools

Wood tools provide endless ways to work with clay, from carving and patterning, to trimming excess, smoothing, rolling, and, with the venerable paddle, shaping. Here you'll find several worth considering if they're not already in your kit.

12 PC Kemper Tool Set For Clay (6 inch tools)

For wheel work and handbuilding, this comprehensive set of Kemper wood tools covers a variety of tasks from patterning, smoothing, cutting, and beyond. Each tool has unique characteristics that make one better than another for any given pottery step. We like this set because it's made from hard, durable boxwood. And, unlike plastic look-alikes, wood on clay just feels right!

Clay Pattern Rolling Pin Set

Create a multitude of patterns with these sturdy, one-piece wooden rollers. Set includes four rollers each with a different pattern. Coating helps reduce sticking.

Creative Hobbies® Hardwood Strips for Rolling Clay Slabs
24 Inches Long X 3/4 Inches Wide -4 Thicknesses Included

Roll out slabs like a slab roller can produce, at a fraction of the cost with these hardwood strips, which come in 4 different thicknesses (2 of each).

Choose your thickness, then place one on the left, one on the right, the clay in the middle, and use your rolling pin to roll. Disengage, or flip, the clay, as needed, and continue rolling. When the clay's thickness matches that of the strip you're using, you're done.