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Wood tools provide endless ways to work with clay, from carving and patterning, to trimming excess, smoothing, rolling, and, with the venerable paddle, shaping. Here you'll find several worth considering if they're not already in your kit.

Boxwood Clay Tools - Set of 10, 8 inches

For wheel work and handbuilding, this comprehensive set of wood tools covers a variety of tasks from patterning, smoothing, cutting, and beyond. Each tool has unique characteristics that make one better than another for any given pottery step. We like this set because it's made from hard, durable boxwood. And, unlike plastic look-alikes, wood on clay just feels right!

Also available: Boxwood Clay Tools - Set of 10, 6" = Similar to above, but tools are 6 inches rather than 8 inches.

Pottery Spout Maker

I'm a little teapot, Short and stout, Here is my handle, Here is my spout... (Published 1939, Written by George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley)

Sure, you can throw your teapot's spout, but if you're not a wheel person, or simply prefer a handbuilt spout, then this little gem is your tool. It's so easy to make spouts in multiple sizes, you're going to ask yourself - self, how did I do without?

Also available: For a few dollars more, to make larger/longer spouts, check out the
Ultimate Spout Maker

Rolling Wooden Tools - Set of 4

Create a multitude of patterns with these sturdy, one-piece wooden rollers. Set includes four rollers each with a different pattern. Coating helps reduce sticking.

Solid Maple Slab Roller - 24" Long*, 3" Diameter

This rolling pin is as solid as they come, made of kiln-dried maple wood. Many pottery studios have several of these on hand, due to its durability and tackling roll outs day in and night out. This rolling pin is one piece, so the handles do not roll separately, what many pottery folks prefer.

*Roller is 24" long in its entirety - i.e. including the handles. Minus the handles, the actual rolling surface is 16.5".

Kemper Clay Roller - 3.5"

This small hardwood clay roller, which is 3.5", is affordable and an excellent tool for rolling out small slabs, appliques, textures into clay, and can help join seams on slabs. It can even help round out slab edges: simply glide it over the edges of your slab holding it at a 45 degree (or desired) angle.

Amaco Pony Roller

Amaco's hardwood pony roller is a versatile clay tool for both hand-building and wheel thrown vessels. One end is standard roller, 4.5 inches wide; The other is 2.5", rounded, and slightly tapered. It's perfect for rolling texture into clay, for making and tapering appliques.

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