Pottery Calculators and Tools!

When making pottery, PhotoPottery's free clay tools come in handy!

Firing Fee by Pottery Size Calculator. If your studio charges by the clay weight, also check our Kiln Firing Fee by Weight Calculator.

Water to Plaster Ratio Calculator - determines amount of plaster to add to water to mix volume needed to make plaster molds.

Cylinder Volume Calculator - Calculate liquid capacity of pottery mugs and teacups can hold.

Hemisphere Volume Calculator - Determine your pottery bowl volume.

Easily center sprigs, decals and more on your pottery!

Shop pottery tools - Find dozens of clays tools for hand building and wheel throwing, curated by the folks at PhotoPottery, who've been making pots for decades.

We review both basic and essential pottery tools, some old and some new, to many which facilitate a given task (spout makers, smarter calipers - to name a few.).