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Hemisphere Volume Calculator

Calculate the volume of a hemisphere, including its surface area and its liquid capacity from ounces to millilitres to gallons. We usually think of earth's northern and southern hemispheres, separated by the equator. In pottery making, bowls thrown on a pottery wheel or hand-built on hump drape molds are often hemispheric if they are half spheres. If the object for which you are calculating is elliptical, like an oval bowl or a shallow or tall bowl, use our Ellipsoid Volume Calculator and find out how much liquid its volume can contain.

Applies to all dimensions above

Hemisphere Volume Calculator FYIs...

To calculate, enter the radius of the hemisphere, which is its diameter divided by 2.

Hemisphere Surface area Calculation

Surface area, the entire external surface area making up a hemisphere (which is half of a sphere), is calculated with the formula:

Area = 3 π r2

where r is the radius, and π (pi) is approximately 3.14.

Hemisphere Volume Calculation

Volume is how much liquid the hemisphere can hold. The formula to calcuate hemisphere volume is:

Volume = 2/3 π r3

where r is the radius, and π (pi) is approximately 3.14

The result of calculating the hemisphere's volume is in cubic inches (or centimeters). Using the volume, the liquid capacity of the hemisphere is calculated in several common metrics (cups, ounces, liters, etc.)

Calculating Hemisphere Area and Volume for Pottery Bowls

If you are making pottery bowls, either wheel-thrown or hand-built, and they are hemispheric (ie. half of a sphere), the calculator will provide good approximation for volume, area, and how much liquid it can hold.

If your pottery bowl is flatter and/or wider than a half sphere, or if it is oval, use the Ellipsoid Volume Calculator where the radii does not need to be equal for length, depth, and height.