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Convert from cubic inch to US fluid ounces, cups, pints, quartz and gallons.

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Convert To Cubic Inch Calculator

What is a Cubic Inch

A cubic inch is a volume unit of measure, which is based on a cube having each dimension exactly 1 inch: 1 inch height x 1 inch depth x 1 inch length = 1 inch cubed, often written as 1 inch3.

How to convert from cubic inches to fluid ounces?

1 cubic inch is equal to approximately 0.55411255 fluid ounces. Therefore, to convert from cubic inches to ounces, multiply the number of cubic inches by 0.55411255.

To convert to other volumes divide the above result by the number of ounces in the unit of measurement. For instance, to convert cubic inches to pints, divide the calculated number of ounces by 16.