TextureThings™ for Pottery Making

Use PhotoPottery's TextureThings™ to add texture to the things you're making in clay! They're perfect for texturizing handbuilt and wheel thrown pottery pieces, from simple borders to intricate, unique designs.

Here, several TextureRings™ are pressed into stoneware that's just been rolled out.

TextureThings used on clay slab while in the plastic state.

TextureRings also work extremely well on already shaped pieces, like these bowls made on our plaster molds:

TextureThings applied to bowls while on the hump mold creating a border pattern.

Combine TextureThings to create unique patterns on your pottery.

About TextureThings™

  • While most TextureThings are made of bisqued low fire clay, some are made of pottery plaster. The material is noted for each product.
  • TextureThings work best when clay is in the plastic state. However, pressing into clay just thrown on the wheel is not recommended, until it's setup and loses its sheen.
  • Most work well on flat or rounded surfaces, particularly TextureRings which can be angled.
  • TextureThings are comfortable tools, designed to be used repetitively.
  • TextureThings are hand-made in the USA.