Plaster Mixing Timer

Timer specialized for mixing plaster, so you slake/soak long enough, and then mix the plaster and water for the right amount of time for your application. Helps avoid over or under mixing. Setup, slake, mix, use! Complete usage details below.

Quick countdown, in seconds, before slake clock starts

How long to soak plaster in water before mixing

Time to mix plaster and water

Countup since mixing completed; Application in Progress

Y=Audio plays at some step changes; N=No sound

IOS/Iphone? Use GO-IOS button if opting to play audio alerts

How to Use the Plaster Mixing Timer

There are two simple steps to using the timer:

  1. Setup the timer, filling in the entry form above. See the section Setup Timer for info about entry fields on the form.

  2. Click or tap GO* to start the timer.

    First time using? Read the section Running Timer, below. so you know what to expect. Also, it's recommended to run the timer once without actually setting up for or mixing plaster: setup timer using minimum values, press GO, and watch in action.

    *If opting for audio on iPhone/IOS device, tap GO-IOS to start timer. A link on the first timer screen should resolve IOS audio permissioning.

Setup Timer - Entry Fields

  • Countdown to Starting - Once you click Go to start the timer, this countdown field gives you several seconds before the Slake timer starts.

    If you are using an IOS device (e.g. iPhone), and click Go-IOS, 20 seconds is used, over-riding the value specified. If you've opted for audio, this extra time should enable you to activate it on IOS (via a link), if necessary.

    Important: This brief countdown is not the time to add plaster to the water. When you click/tap Go or Go-IOS, the plaster should already have been added to the water.

  • Time to Slake - This indicates the length of time you will let the plaster soak in the water ("slaking") before you start mixing. Refer to your plaster manufacturer's instructions for this value, if necessary.

  • Time to Mix - This is the time you are mixing the plaster and water, whether by hand or using a rotary device. Refer to your plaster manufacturer's instructions for this value.

  • Application Countup - You can enter a countup time to trigger after the Time to Mix timer completes. This enables you to keep watch on the time since you finished mixing, as you pour or use the plaster.

  • Play Audio Alerts? - Select Yes if you want audio alerts to play at various steps in the plaster mixing timer. Select No to mute all audio alerts. Audios are helpful to alert you to transitions during the mixing process.

    Some browsers require you to permission our page to play sound. Example: To enable for Firefox on PC, go to Settings, Privacy, Permissions and select AutoPlay, and add to the list. Often, the browser puts an icon in the address bar for tap/click enabling.

Running Timer

Once you've setup the timer and have added the plaster to the water container, click or tap GO to start. Each timer step is outlined below.

Audio on IOS: If using an IOS device and you specified Play Audio Alerts, click GO-IOS to start.

  • STEP 1 - Countdown to Starting

    Action (Go clicked): None; A brief wait until the slake timer starts.

    Action (Go-IOS clicked): To permission audio on your IOS device, if necessary, click/tap the Play Audio link at the top of the page.

    Countdown: The countdown concludes when the counter shows 0.

    Audio*: If enabled, the counter should hit 0 when the audio stops. The next screen appears.

  • STEP 2 - Slake Timer

    Action: None; Slaking in progress - plaster molecules are hydrated.

    Countup: The countup concludes when the counter reaches your Slake Time. For example, if you set Slake Time to 3 minutes, the countup goes 3 minutes.

    Audio*: An alarm alerts you that the soaking time is complete.

    The screen turns red, telling you to Stop Slaking! Audio, if enabled, stops.

  • STEP 3 - Mix Water and Plaster

    Action: By hand, or using a manual or electrical stirrer, mix the water and plaster together.

    Countdown: When Mixing Time reaches 0, stop mixing.

    Audio*: With a few seconds left on the countdown clock, an audio plays alerting you to stop mixing.

    The next screen displays.

  • STEP 4 - Use Mixed Plaster

    Action: Use the mixed plaster for your application.

    Countup: The clock counts up to your Application Countup setting.

    Click/tap Done when finished. Or let the clock run out. The final screen displays, with a laudatory audio! If you clicked the DONE! button, actual application time is shown.

* Audio - If you've opted to play audio alerts, and it's supported by your device's browser.